#wishlist: our own little house on the prairie

They say you have to express your wish and let the universe works its magic.

So we sat, chatted and chuckled over this—a list of things of how we want a house to be. Yummy conversation.

And here’s the list so far: Three bedrooms or more (can we have wooden elements, please?), Ubud (Bali), gardens of herbs and flowers, front (and back) porch, rice fields, high speed wifi internet, books, more books, cooking utensils, veggies, tofu, tempe, cleaning utensils, tea (and coffee) sets. You. Me. Guests (sometimes). No TV necessary.

Lots of (as and when needed): Space, love, life, inspirations, ideas, scribbles, jokes, laughter, chats, whispers, non-verbal gestures, silence, warmth, fun, nice meals and nibbles, tea (and coffee), occasional tears (healthy ones only, please), knickknacks from trips, acceptance, embrace, letting be, companionship.

A house where we are free to be ourselves. Where we are free to come and go (or stay) as we please, doing what we love most. Where we every so often get together and share stories. Where we can relax and grow to be our own self. A chance for being and becoming. A breathing space.

I am keeping the list healthy. And the dream alive.

Your turn now, Universe.

ps: I have found one piece of furniture for the house. This would be your spot on the porch. Definitely!

Picture was taken from here.

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