Daily Archives: August 17, 2012

From independence to total dependence

… Second blog post of the day. I must say, you’re very inspiring, Indonesia.

Isn’t it amusing that we often have to go through long process to learn something only to unlearn it later? C’est la vie.

I somehow has this belief planted in my mind: that we needed to be independent. We need to be able to stand on our own two feet. To depend only on ourselves and not on other people.

The belief managed to get me going for a while. It sounded like a good idea to help me march through this life. Until I sort of ran out of steam and grew tired. A question popped up: What is this tiredness all about?
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“What does it mean to be Indonesian today?”

The other day, JakartaGlobe asked me this question: “What does it mean to be Indonesian today?”

My response was:

“To love who we are, embrace our unity in diversity, and strive to realize our potentials. Let’s stop bickering and start doing something real, however we can. Optimism is the new black (or red and white).”

I meant, and still mean, every single word of it.
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