Say yes

Some years back, I visited a familiar place without knowing what I would do there. I just knew that everything has been arranged for me to get there. So I went.

The host arranged for me special program after program to help me make the best of my stay. I stayed for three months. It was a magnificent three months period beyond my imagination.

Towards the end of my stay, I shared this with my friends there. I said “I didn’t know what I would do, but I came anyway. All I did was say yes.”

This morning those words came to me again. All I need to do is to say yes.

I woke up this morning. I had about 90 minutes or so before I needed to leave for work. I had the option between meditation or watering plants in the garden. I stopped and gave it a moment. Watering the plan. I said yes to it.

If you look at the list of activities that I am involved in, some might consider my life as busy and complicated. I don’t feel that way. To me, my life is so simple, without much complications.

You see, what I do, I love. (Thank God). What I do, I do willingly. (Thank God again). I take life in small chunks, one by one, moment by moment. It is more digestible for me that way.

All the things that I “need to” do, they all seem just to come to me. I believe they come in a package, along with abundance of guidance and help. When things come to me, I stop for a split second, to feel them. If it’s mine to do, if it feels right, then Someone must have thought that I would be the right person to do it, for whatever reason. So I say yes, willingly, gladly.

I love the fact that I have some interesting projects going at the moment. Friends came by and asked whether I could participate in their activities. Again I stopped. If it felt right, I’d say yes, often without knowing at that moment what I would do about it or how I could contribute. It doesn’t matter. First thing first: Say yes.

Most often, things just roll from there, to their own rhythm. It is not that everything is a walk in the park. Challenges surface, sure. But hey, march on.

Perhaps saying yes gives the green light for whatever potentials is dormant in us to come alive. Perhaps saying yes also gives the permission for the universe to work for us, with us. It gives life the go-ahead to become alive.

Say yes to what life offers us. Then watch how life take its own course from there on. And watch: How you will bloom into the beautiful, wonderful potential that you are.

I have my beautiful God to thank for all these blessings. And the blessing to recognize the blessings.

Picture was taken from here.

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