A reminder (to return)

I woke up this morning thinking, perhaps I should read a prayer from Ibn Arabi’s book. Somehow, I hesitated, changed my mind, and did not read the prayer.

Then a friend posted this on Facebook. A prayer from that exact same book:

“O God, I ask of You light and guidance, and good behavior in [my] conformity. I seek refuge in You from the evil of my soul, and from the evil that separates me from You. There is no god but You. Purify my soul from doubt and bad character, from misfortune and negligence. Bestow upon me true servanthood, that I may be obedient to You in all my states…”
(Monday Morning Prayer – The Seven Days of the Heart, Ibn ‘Arabi)

My God. Thank You for your relentless invitation for me to return. I am so sorry for not hearing You well earlier. Thank You so much.

In all my states. Amen.

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