Because sharing brings happiness! #akber2anniv

Because sharing brings happiness! (“Karena Berbagi bikin happy”). That’s the tagline of one of my favorite online movements in Indonesia, who were having their second anniversary yesterday.

Great ideas often always have a simple beginning.

Akademi berbagi started with this idea: There are people who want to share their knowledge and experience. There are people who want to learn new knowledge and experience. Why don’t we set up a space for both to meet and share, for free—free for those who attend, pro-bono (amazing!) teachers, free space (provided by good-will companies), why not.

Education, they say, should be available for everyone, everywhere, without any financial (or non financial) hindrance. The Indonesian father of education, Ki Hajar Dewantoro, called his school “The garden for students.” And schools are meant for exactly that: An open, freeing, refreshing, beautiful space for everyone to visit. It is that freeing and that inspiring.

The movement rolled from there. They started setting up classes (one time per topic, lasts about a couple of hours) for people to attend for free.

Twitter helps. Akademi Berbagi uses its @akademiberbagi twitter account as its main—if not sole—communication channel. They announce the classes through twitter, people who are interested reply (read: register), @akademiberbagi send them direct messages to confirm, and that’s it. Classes happen.

The snowball affect mimic no less than a majestic avalanche. The movement has now spread to 30+ cities in Indonesia, supported by 100+ volunteers from all walks of life, within the short span of two years.

All with the noble, humble intention of sharing. Because sharing brings happiness! And if you have attended any of the classes, you would see how true it is.

Yesterday I attended @akademiberbagi’s second anniversary, featuring three amazing speakers/teachers, hundreds of eager students, and 100+ beautiful Akberians (a.k.a the volunteers). The positive vibe in the room, my goodness. So blessed to be part of it.

With all due respect to the inspiring speakers, for me the highlight of the event remain the great enthusiasm, sincerity, and love of the volunteers. I really do salute you. You are a strong reason why I am so optimistic about our country.

#note2self: write another post on what was discussed during the class.

As I said to my friends yesterday, how can I not support this movement? So cool. So beautiful. May it last and continue to spread the virus of sharing and happiness. Happy anniversary, Akademi Berbagi!

And you (am also talking to myself here), let’s also start doing something. Anything.

For more information on Akademi berbagi, search their FB page, or go to:

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