We start with optimism: An #akber2anniv after-thought (1)

I was reading my notes from #akber2anniv over and over again. There are so many gems from the class that I thought hard how to write this note, or even where to start.

Then I thought, what was the underlining theme for me throughout the event. And for me, it is the positive, enthusiastic and optimistic vibe that strongly colored the whole event.

The attitude is very well defined by one of the speakers, @handryGE, “There are lots of problems, but there are lots of opportunities. You can either be pessimistic or be optimistic.”

He continued, “To make a change, to move forward, you have to be optimistic. Now, you can either wait until the country to get better and then get involved, or be involved now and grow together (with like-minded people). I choose the second.”

Yes, me too! Or as the moderator of the event @ndorokakung said, “rather than cursing the darkness, it is better to light the candle.”

So we start with that. We start with optimism, for the country, for the people of this country, and for ourselves. We truly believe in our potentials and we work relentlessly to realize them, however we can.

@akademiberbagi (and so many other grass root movements) has shown how each of us (the so-called laymen) can do so much and can make such significant impacts.

We put human at the center of this movement. Human is the most valuable resource we have as a nation. All other aspects of the movement or development spiral out from there, be it economy, infrastructure development, or education.

Ah, education. This is one important key that we cannot overlook, and a personal passion of mine. A speaker in #akber2anniv @aniesbaswedan made a brilliant suggestion for us to see education as a movement, not mere programs.

Once we see education as a movement, we start owning the process. We become part of the process all the way through. We can feel that we are in this together, that we are moving as a single organism. Can you feel the shift of perspective, the emergence of collective focus, and the increase of enthusiasm once we see education as a movement? It is like giving spirit to the whole process.

Only then education can become, as @aniesbaswedan said, a social escalator for the economic development. Each of us may become the agent of change in this movement.

All we have to do is to simply look around us—we don’t have to go that far, find an education facility (or any kind of facility or lack of it for that matter), and ask: What can I do for you?

Start sharing anything, be it skills, experiences, or ideas. Don’t think that our idea is too small or it might not have impact. Don’t sell yourself short. Believe you and me, what you are sharing will have a long term impacts to those whom you share your ideas, experience, or skills.

Honestly. We can’t just stand around and do nothing. At least, I don’t think so. I, for one, can’t. Can you? How can we?

Another speaker of the event @didipetet1 said something that really made me think, “Don’t the leaders realize that they are leading a region that spans from Sabang (west end of Indonesia) to Merauke (east end of Indonesia), and not just a particular region such as their hometowns?”

Such an strong point that gives me a much wider perspective on things. When he said that, I wasn’t thinking of the country’s political leaders. I was thinking of us, of myself. Don’t we realize that we live in a country that spans from Sabang (west end of Indonesia) to Merauke (east end of Indonesia), with 200+ million people?

Much still needs to be done. This is our farm field. This is our work. For me, I gladly do this work for the country I love so much, from the bottom of my heart.

I know for certain, I am far from alone in this. Hundreds of people attending the #akber2anniv class at that day is but a small sample of the magnitude of force and the number of people who stand firmly behind this movement.

So let’s start doing something. Anything. *rolling shirt sleeves*

All pictures were borrowed from @akademiberbagi’s tweets. For more information on @akademiberbagi, go to their twitter account, or the website: http://akademiberbagi.org

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