Life can be so creative in its dynamics. Sudden turns of event can be surprising, to say the least. They catch us off guard. They left me dumbfounded recently. I really didn’t know what to do or how to respond.

Some friends responded with decisions. Others responded with talk among themselves. I simply didn’t know how to respond. At that time, I only sensed what I felt. I felt some sadness, surprised, confused, and somewhat angry. I felt emotional. To me, that was an indication not to make a move. I knew I could not hear when I was emotional. So I remained quiet.

A friend asked me what I would do. All I said at that time was: “I am still waiting”.

I didn’t know where that answer came from. But it was an honest answer. I was still waiting and listening to what was going on–to surpass all those emotional riot within and to hear the actual message.

I asked another friend a while back the very same question for a different situation. “What would you do if you are not sure yet what needs to be done?” He said: “I’ll wait. I converse with relevant people. We will keep conversing, demanding clarity, and listening. We wait, converse, and listen until there is clarity.”

Tao Te Ching #8 said “In action, be aware of the time and the season.”

But we often rush into things.

Wait a bit. Until there is clarity. Ask, ask to be informed and guided. At all time. If only we realized how much we are well taken care of and fully loved.


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