Becoming humanity – a lesson from Abraham

VERILY, Abraham was a man who combined within himself all virtues, devoutly obeying God’s will, turning away from all that is false, and not being of those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God – QS16:120

The arabic words at the start of the verse were “ibraheema kana ommatan” – literally translated as Abraham was a nation. He is no longer a self or individual. He is humanity.

The verse came up in a conversation I had with a friend some weeks ago. It has stayed with me ever since, like a vigorously waving flag. A stubborn invitation to make a shift, from being a self to become humanity, to simply be—with all the experiences. Experiencing life.

Perhaps that is a the first clue to walking the path. To really live. Perhaps, that’s the only way to go.

It is a quite a major shift, from individual to becoming humanity. You let go. You quiet down. And all these thoughts, feelings, and experiences, they are part of humanity; they are not yours, or you.

It is much bigger than you and me. And today—the Id’ Adha—brings another clue of how to be. In the very much symbolic haj tradition (which relives Abraham’s journey), there is ‘wukuf’, when “Pilgrims must spend the afternoon within a defined area on the plain of Arafat until after sunset. No specific rituals or prayers are required during the stay at Arafat.”

A friend beautifully said,” For me, since wukuf is staying on the plain area without specific prayers or rituals, wuquf actually is a symbol of emptying our heart and preparing to listen with attentiveness and awareness toward the Real in such a manner that the heart feels no need except the Real.”

There is that invitation again. For me. And if you are reading it, chances are, it is for you as well. To empty our heart and prepare to listen with attentiveness and awareness toward the Real.

Then watch, watch the beautiful show that flourish from the emptiness. The beautiful show that is called you and me. Life. Passion. Love.

[so tempted to put a photo from #SYTYCD – loving that TV show!]

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