For a leader is but a servant

A friend once asked: “if there is one quality that a leader must have, what is it?” I said, “He/she first and foremost must be a servant.”

I don’t know how my response came about, but I know I was being honest. I truly believe that to be a real leader, one must be a servant. They must serve.

I initially wrote a long post on this. But then I decided to delete it, as the writing was becoming cluttered and unclear. I have said what I wanted to say. To try to explain and prolong it would only diffuse the message.

To lead, one must serve. To lead, one must follow. To lead, one must listen. To lead, one must humble oneself before whatever or whoever one is serving. To lead, one must love. In a way, to lead one must not think of leading or think of oneself as a leader (too much).

Perhaps all those leadership fora or trainings need to rethink their position and shift their direction to that of servitude and humility.

To be. Good and proper. Devout. In alignment. Salih. Amen.

Photo by Chloe Park.

1 thought on “For a leader is but a servant

  1. Eva Post author

    *copy-and pasting from a comment made by Allan Levack*

    Laozi Ch 66.
    Lead by Following
    The river carves out the valley by flowing beneath it.
    Thereby the river is the master of the valley.

    In order to master people
    One must speak as their servant
    In order to lead people
    One must follow them.

    So when the sage rises above the people
    They do not feel oppressed
    And when the sage stands before the people
    They do not feel hindered.

    So the popularity of the sage does not fail
    She does not contend
    and no one contends against her.

    *lovely, thank you*



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