Oh such a beautiful performance. Encore!

I saw this wonderful dance rehearsal last night
A preview to what is to be a sure hit
How lucky I am to have stumbled upon this

Uh, oh it was about to start. Ssshh. I’m excited
The room was darkened while the stage was brightly lit
Beautiful stage, by the way
Perfection to the intricate details
Wonderful colors too
A feast for any mortal’s sight

Endless rows of performers sprang out
Angels moving gracefully
True to the sensations that arose in them
Music flowing smoothly and playfully
From genre to genre – all the genres you could possibly imagine
Witty music composer, I thought

Children, oh those sweet children
I don’t know how the talent scout could discover them
They were let running about so freely, playfully around the stage
Light as a white feather blown by a whirling wind
Seemingly random yet carefully orchestrated
Oh look, even my fingers have started to tap, timidly moving to the rhythm

Gifted little-known actors
Whose talents can move the whole world
Nice costumes, imaginative too, I mumbled

Scene after scene
I was taken on a pleasurable journey
Of emotions, joy and awe
I don’t think I have ever smiled this wide before
And burst into laughter and tears as I did last night

I have a feeling I might have moved some muscles I didn’t know I had, too!

Wait, some of the performers went down from the stage
They spread themselves among the audience
And everyone rose to their feet, dancing,
Freely, happily, joyfully, laughing!
Yes! Everyone!
It was just impossible not to be carried away
I have two left feet, but what the heck, let’s dance!

I have rarely seen such gifted talents
Nor have I often been involved
in such a heart-warming, captivating performance
All in one beautiful package
A harmony that can only come about through Love

Whoever the director was must have been a genius!
And the producer must have been so in love when he came up with this

Oh, this feels so unfair
How can it be, that only I and another small number of people
can enjoy such magnificent performance

Now lift the curtain
And open the show for the widest audience possible

Let the whole world see
This wonderful, beautiful, joyful, captivating show
with a working title: “you”

And as for me, I shall purchase a front row seat ticket
I wonder if they sell a life-time pass
So that I would not miss a single show

evamuchtar's Matah Ati Solo album on Photobucket

Note: All pictures were taken during a Matah Ati dance theater performance in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. More pictures on the performance here.

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