How does it feel to be you?

This morning I woke up and I wondered, how does it feel to be you?

How does it feel to be able to choose to be with people you want to be with, to do things that you want to do? Never minding anyone else’s opinion or anything else.

How does it feel to be able to nap when you want to nap? To eat when you want to eat? To chat when you want to chat, or remain silent whenever you want to remain silent? To say what you really want to say, or not? Knowing that you can. Knowing that it will be okay, whatever your say or do. Knowing that you can do no wrong. Because you know for certain, nothing you do would be perceived as wrong, or right. There is no judgement. You would simply be, accepted.

You know, you are safe.

How does it feel to be safe? When you know that you can laugh as hard as you can? Or cry just as hard? When you know you can express yourself and however you feel at the moment truthfully. When you can change your mind over and over again and that’s still okay. When you can take as much–or as little–time as you wish. When you can decide according to your heart’s desire and still get a thumbs-up. When you know there is always a place to return, where you will be welcomed by a warm smile, open arms, and an even warmer heart. A space where you are always protected, cared for. You are rested. You repose.

You are free. To be whoever or whatever you wish. At any given time.

How does it feel to be free? When you can spontaneously respond to the moment, however you wish? To live your true passion? Your calling? To flow with Life or allow yourself to be carried by it? You can feel the totality of it when you are in the zone. You know for certain, life will carry you to your best potentials. It will even give you all the loyal companions you need to travel with. And more. Total trust.

And you, my dear, how you glow. With those beautiful eyes and smile of yours. How you glow.

And at that moment, you know, you are forever loved.

How does it feel to be loved? When you can reach out and know for certain that someone will always be there on the other side. When you know you can lay your head on the shoulder of compassion. When you know you can be you, always. When you are certain that there are always arms that embrace you. And caress you. And ears that are always listening. And eyes that are always watching you in awe. And lips that are always smiling because of you, despite of you. And impressions that always see you as wonderful, perfect, and amazingly gorgeous.

And a heart that is always, always, yours.

So how does it feel to be you? I imagine, it must be beautiful being you. For even just to witness you, is already an utter pleasure.

Even just to be with you, I am having the time of my life.

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