My best response

The word “ihsan’ in Arabic means ‘good and proper.’ It is a way to carry ourselves. How we conduct ourselves. How we respond to something or someone. The aspiration is to provide the best respond at any given time.

The thing is, I don’t always feel like it. If I don’t fancy a thing (or someone), or I simply am not in the mood for something, I could feel myself hesitating, or even disliking it (or them). This creates some dilemma. On one hand, I want to give the best response. On the other hand, obviously, I don’t, really. Hence, I am unsure of how I need to respond.

But I recently discovered a trick. Whenever I feel the hesitation arises in responding to some persons, I go inside, and I ask myself: “What if it were you?”

Because with you, I know I always want to give my best response, happily. With you, I am always being the best of me, perhaps the true me. So I close my eyes for a moment and ask that question to my heart, “what if it were you?”

Then I shall know what to do. And that, will always be my best response.

Remembering that conversation when I was given this food for thought: “Would you do that if the Prophet were standing before you?”

12 Rabiul Awal 1434H

1 thought on “My best response

  1. Eva Post author

    I also find it works the other way around: If I feel myself expecting something of you, or feeling somewhat ‘negative’ (read: restrictive or holding on to you too tightly), I ask myself: “what if it were someone else?” Then I can feel that space again. I let go. I let me be. I let you be. Then once again, I feel so grateful for you, one of God’s most precious gifts to me.



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