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Thunderstorm carries with it all the four elements. Water in its rain. Fire in its thunders. Wind, strong wind. And the damp, fresh, beautiful-scented earth.

Thank you for your majestic show.

Photo taken from here.


“I’m just glad he’s alive”

She had just received news that her son had to stay for another year on the first grade of the elementary school. She seemed undisturbed. Her son has a congenital heart defect.

“I’m just glad he is alive,” was the only comment that came out of her.

I was going to write more. But what more can I say? “I’m just glad he is alive” spoken by a mother of her child says it all.

First and foremost, we are One

A note from the Beshara SEA‘s monthly gathering earlier today.

There was a strong reminder of the core of our education in today’s gathering: “that there is only One, Unique, Absolute, Infinite Existence.”

If we, as much as possible, adopt this, if we hold on to this within our heart, in our everyday life, then “He shows you He is yourself, then bit by bit He shows you how He is all that there is.” Continue reading