First and foremost, we are One

A note from the Beshara SEA‘s monthly gathering earlier today.

There was a strong reminder of the core of our education in today’s gathering: “that there is only One, Unique, Absolute, Infinite Existence.”

If we, as much as possible, adopt this, if we hold on to this within our heart, in our everyday life, then “He shows you He is yourself, then bit by bit He shows you how He is all that there is.”

There were also hints on the how, so to speak, which is “to Accept and completely adopt the idea that there is only the Unique, Absolute Existence, apart from which there is not. Then constantly, or as much as possible, keep it in mind.” And to “look into one’s heart,” where He resides.

It is a reminder of our work in this life. This is what we are serving.

This is not a mere intellectual concept. This is very practical. The conversation showed today showed this, as it moved to an everyday life, work life, and even what happens in our country and what we can do, how we, as individuals/particularization, can contribute.

We do this by (making the efforts to) knowing ourselves. By accepting things as they are. By returning to stillness. By really listening to what’s going on, listening to the appropriate response needed (from us) and actually acting upon it.

This is the perspective that is offered to us. Do we follow?

It was and still is a pleasure to be in this conversation; and to see how this conversation intertwine with life, and is not something detached from it. It would be lovely to hear more from all of you. Let’s let it roll. May He make it easy for us.

In short, simply, (1) remember that we are One; and (2) look into our heart, listen, and flow according to it. Trust.

Then there was the question: amidst all these happenings and situation, what is our place? How can we contribute?

The previous paragraph still applies: we can (1) remember that we are One; and (2) look into our heart, listen, and flow according to it. Trust.

A slightly longer response: An option would be that we can offer this perspective. It does not mean that we go out and explicitly telling everyone about “oneness of being.” We can be in whatever conversation, and be with this perspective. It’s not about you or me or them, it’s about Him and His expression at the moment.

So the mode of listening, of being, applies. Then real, productive conversation will happen, with effects, God willing.

This is applicable to any kind of conversation, on whichever topics–at one level: any conversation or movement that is practical and would contribute to the society, to make things “better”, at another: any conversation that is geared towards His expression of Himself. Those who want to go deeper, will be offered the opportunity to join the core courses.

In other words, let’s get involved in these (practical, constructive) conversations and movements, in our communities or whichever social circles we are in. As individuals and as a collectivity. We are here to support each other, moving as one movement, for our love of the Real.

May He make it easy for us.

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