Work in progress: Me

I recently went to an event at @atamerica, Jakarta. There was a talk show about women entrepreneurs. Three amazing women spoke at the talk show. What strikes me most from them was a clear definition of self, shining through from each of them. It was, to me, obvious what they live for, what they stand for, what they are all about.

It made me wonder: Does one need to be that clear in order to live one’s life fully? If so, what am I about? Hence, I launched into this small exercise to ‘define’ me. My vision. My mission. My values.

I googled. There was this site that had a simple questionnaire which might help you (read: me) to define this. I answered without thinking. I felt I needed to be spontaneous about my response.

The responses amazed me. Not because it was something new. On the contrary, it was very familiar. They have been with me all along.


For Truth to express itself through you and I.
To put it in another way: For you to be you. For me to be me.


To be in service of the expression of Truth, through compassionate listening and allowing things to be as they are.
Again, to put it in another way: I will simply let you be you, and give it my best to help you be you; I will let me be me, and give it my best to help me be me.


  • Compassion
  • Truthfulness
  • Servanthood
  • Fascination
  • Totality


How’s that? Does that reflect me? Anything I need to add or omit or modify?

Then again, of course, I might change my mind. But I reckon this is a good start.

Note: It is interesting that I am okay with posting this online here on the blog, but I hesitate (still) to put them on my Facebook Notes.

3 thoughts on “Work in progress: Me

  1. Eva Post author

    What about self knowledge, integrity, resolve, surrender, Light-ness, playfulness, flowing, ever-changing, keeping it clean, simplicity?


  2. Uli

    It’s funny that I decided to reduce visiting facebook but found more interesting to visit your blog. I also noticed I post more in twitter where I only have 2 friends follower rather than FB.



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