Daily Archives: March 16, 2013

Whatever comes easy for you

Gosh, somehow this memory suddenly sprang to mind. A question from a friend quite a while ago: “Do you always that the more challenging, winding route? Ouch. Oh, well, sometimes that is what friends are for. Sometimes.

I am not sure how right my friend was. Nor am I certain that it was the kindest way to point out that matter to me. But the question did ring some bells.
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A space to be

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) seminars are always amazing, to say the least. It is a reminder how powerful being present, and being a neutral listener or witness is. It is a reminder of how wonderful, beautiful, and magical our body is. It is a reminder how much we can learn about ourselves and about life from our body and our relationship to other people.

During this particular seminar, it has been a strong reminder of (among others) what I am and what I love. Continue reading

A sin is…

That word, “sin”. Not sure what or how it means to you. For some, it might be one of the no-no words. It is a word of the past. We have no use or relation to that word anymore now. We have gone beyond that word.

Yet the word is there. I had lost my relations with the word for some time. Then it returned to me, offering a new taste. My current indicative meaning to the word is “when you don’t do what you (know you) can.” I think it deserves a line, a paragraph of its own.

Sin: When you don’t do what you can.
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