A sin is…

That word, “sin”. Not sure what or how it means to you. For some, it might be one of the no-no words. It is a word of the past. We have no use or relation to that word anymore now. We have gone beyond that word.

Yet the word is there. I had lost my relations with the word for some time. Then it returned to me, offering a new taste. My current indicative meaning to the word is “when you don’t do what you (know you) can.” I think it deserves a line, a paragraph of its own.

Sin: When you don’t do what you can.

It is a sin to not do what you can do. It is a sin to have the capabilities and not use them. It is a sin not to lend a hand to another when you are able to do it. Closer to self, it is a sin not to be you when you can. It’s a sin not to be you.

It is a sin when we don’t allow what is to be. By that, to me, it simply means it is unnatural not to allow what is to be–here, unnatural means not in our nature to be so, or in other words, if we are honest, we would be it (natural, our own nature). So let’s change the word sin to be “unnatural”. Hence the antonym is to be natural.

It is only natural for us to do what we can do (d’oh). It is natural to have some capabilities and use them. It is natural to lend a hand to another when we are able to do so. It is natural to be us whenever we can. It is natural for us to be us, for me to be me, for you to be you.

It is only natural to allow what is to be. It makes sense, doesn’t it?
If this is what and how we are, if this is what we have, why not accept, embrace and express it? That true nature of ours, that distinct characteristics that shape us, is what we can offer to the world. It is an offering, a form or service, that only we can make. And to deny its expression, is, well, impolite.

Who knows how others or the world can benefit from it, never mind you? Who knows, what we are offering, is exactly what some beings in this world need? And to deny them would be unkind and selfish.

I am, of course, talking to myself. I am looking at the work I am doing now. What I have. All the things (or capabilities, talents, gifts, feelings, love, whatever we may call them) that have been carefully and deliberately put in me. This amazing abundance.

It is the time when I say to myself: Splurge!

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