A space to be

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) seminars are always amazing, to say the least. It is a reminder how powerful being present, and being a neutral listener or witness is. It is a reminder of how wonderful, beautiful, and magical our body is. It is a reminder how much we can learn about ourselves and about life from our body and our relationship to other people.

During this particular seminar, it has been a strong reminder of (among others) what I am and what I love. And what I love is this particular way of being: of simply being, of offering this space without any specific agenda or objective in mind and see whatever comes up; trusting that what comes up is what needs to come up, for everyone who is involved.

A very compassionate, trusting, safe, and sometimes surprising, space. A space that neither you and I can claim of its creation. That space has always been there, but will only come to our awareness if we allow it to be. A lovely place to be. A natural space to be.

I love that space. I yearn for that space.

The thing is, the more I work for it, the harder it is to feel it. Such as it. I am still loving it, no matter what.

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