Whatever comes easy for you

Gosh, somehow this memory suddenly sprang to mind. A question from a friend quite a while ago: “Do you always that the more challenging, winding route? Ouch. Oh, well, sometimes that is what friends are for. Sometimes.

I am not sure how right my friend was. Nor am I certain that it was the kindest way to point out that matter to me. But the question did ring some bells.

Truth be told, I have been mulling over what I need to do in life. What a big question, I know. But yes, I have been mulling over what I need to do in life; whether I have stayed true to my path, or have I strayed?

I have an idea of what my passion is. What I love to do, how I love to be. *patting myself on the back*. So I started to question myself why I am still in this business that I am in. I thought it was time for me to ‘retire’ and take another turn in life.

But I can’t see how I can do that, just yet, not with the focus and exclusivity that I thought I needed to have. Life keep luring me to a different direction. That is, different to what I imagine it should be.

Yesterday, life presented me with another reminder, in a form of a friend who came from a place that is so dear to me. We chatted for a brief while. Enough to bring me to realization.

It is as simple as this: Take whatever is given to you and embrace it fully.

If we trust Life, then whatever is being presented to us, is exactly what we need. If it feels right, if we feel that ease in our heart, then let’s go for it.

We don’t need to think hard about life. It’s all been prepared. It is not the brainy, complicated decisions that can really shape us to what we truly are. It is what is true to the heart. Whatever feels natural and light, is what we are at this moment. It is not us who paint a complete picture of us. Life will paint it for us. You’ll see–what a great picture you truly are.

So let life be the way it is. Walk it. With all the zest that we have.

I realize something else. That I can continue doing what I am doing now without feeling that I have denied my so-called path of life. This is the path. I just didn’t realize how inclusive it is. I am still well on track. And that “whatever comes easy for you, whatever feels natural and full of ease for the heart, whatever feels simple” is a great signpost.

The King has set the feast for you
Just the way you like it, just the way you need it.
Why insist in going out to some distant restaurant
seeking other meals?

Let’s feast.

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