We don’t think. We get inspired

I was sitting in a brainstorming session. We were heavily engaged in the discussion. Once in a while, the facilitator looked at me, asking, almost expecting me, to say something. For a long time, I repeatedly smiled and said to him, “I am still listening.”

I was. I was still listening. I was also watching. I watched how the room was. I watched other people interacting (or not). I watched my own thoughts and feelings.

And I realized something. When I said to the facilitator I was still listening, I really was. I was kind of waiting for a thought (one which is relevant and constructive to the discussion, that is) to occur. Until that happened, that night, I was very conscious how I could not do or say anything.

We don’t think. We get inspired. No need to brag then. The brilliance is not ours. Keep listening.

*Revisiting the expression: “10% inspiration. 90% perspiration.”

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