In silence we understand

I was sitting quietly, listening to my friend speaking. He spoke about the power of Now — you know, the ‘usual’ remark of there is nothing other than the now. I said to him I never really got it, that word. I have heard it a million times, but I never really get it.

That time I too noticed my not-understanding and I accepted it. I let it be, my not-understanding. I kept the question in mind, what does it mean to be in the now. What does it mean that there is only now, that everything is in the now. I kept asking and listening. For that brief moment, I understood. I could see it.

The message repeated itself. Again, I was sitting quietly, intently listening to a friend of mine sharing his views and experience. He is a photographer and he explained how at later years of his career, he started listening better to what the clients want and gave it a shot, instead of succumbing to his own idea of best. He said he learned three times better and the result turned out great. I heard you.

This morning I sat in a meditation session. My head was buzzing with comments and questions. At one moment, however, it decided to quiet down. I stayed with the process. I stayed with the intention to meditate and allowed what was to be. I found myself recited some verses and praises, whatever came to mind. I just followed. Until that moment, I could not say anything else but simply: Thank you.

This brought me back to another meditation session. I can’t remember when or where exactly, but I remember the experience. I had a taste of Facing: I kept facing, effortlessly, and yet still hearing noises, and that’s okay. The focus was on the One with peripheral vision. Staying or Facing does not mean the noises have faded. It means that the noises do not divert you from the facing. Even if one noise catch your attention, that is part of the facing. Nothing is outside of it.

In silence there is listening. In silence there is settling. In silence there is facing. In silence there is staying. In silence there is following. In silence there is letting be. In silence there is being. In silence there is knowing. In silence there is peace and ease. In silence there is nothing but gratitude. A particular Name came to mind: Ash Shakur.

Give silence a chance.

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