Now I’m ready

I went through my postings on Facebook to find certain passages. I came across this:

I recently sat in a Qur’an study class. Before we began, we always recite some verses from the Qur’an.

That day, the facilitator guided us on how to recite the Qur’ran in order to feel or ‘hear’ the inner meaning. To feel it with all our heart. To prepare ourselves, to clean ourselves, to quiet ourselves in preparation of reading the Qur’an, to realize what this Book is truly about, whose words it is that we’ll recite, who is it that is talking to us–even before reading the first verse.

It was such a beautiful session. You can really feel the presence, even before you start opening the first page. You can really feel, now you’re ready to read it; and listen, and hear it. Beautiful.

As I read this, the sentences spoke to me. I can sense that conviction in my heart. It’s time.

Yes, now I am ready. God speaks the truth and guides the Way.

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