On the four pills

The Four Pills

‘Everything is of one thing. There is no other thing, except that one thing. There is no possibility of communing or communicating or going back to that one thing through nothing. Therefore you have to build into something and then reach. That is the simplest way that you can think about it.

And there are four pills that go with it, four pills that you have to take. One is that you are sure that there is one absolute, because there can’t be two; the second is that you must keep everything clean; the third thing is that you mustn’t harm anybody, and the fourth thing is that you must be helpful to everybody. After these four things it is up to you to find your way to get there.’

(From advice to students by Bulent Rauf, Consultant to the Beshara School 1975-87)

We conversed around the quote above at this morning’s Beshara SEA monthly gathering. It was wonderful to hear how the quote unfold itself. It still is unfolding.

The invitation is addressed to the students – not everybody per se – specific to students. Those who have committed themselves to Truth and wholeheartedly chosen to be educated – and unlearn what we thought we knew. This invitation is a calling, to those who love, to those who yearn, to those who yield to this calling and said yes with all our heart.

Or we can also see this as calling to that part of us (or a part in all of us human beings), that is bind to Truth, that part of us that recognize who we really are and is willing to be educated. This invitation is a calling, to that part of us that loves, that yearns, and that yields to this calling and says yes wholeheartedly.

The invitation is to return, as it is the route that we are on at the moment. This invitation is to walk that unique individual path, the path of private religion, which He directly whispers to our heart. To take (or be taken) to our potentials, the potential of human being: rahmatan lil alamin; blessing for the universe.

This invitation is to listen to what’s within and allow it to be. As simple as that. To be honest, firstly to ourselves and other people as much as humanly possible. To surrender and follow, lightly and gladly. To recognize things as they are; within ourselves and without. To say, ah yes, that’s You too.

To understand that He greets us at all time with Love. There is nothing that is outside this path; nothing is outside of this education; and hence giving due respect to every second of life, whatever we think or do, however we feel, wherever we are. One is not more, or less, spiritual than the other. Everything is spiritual.

The four pills are direct guidance and help, for us to prepare the place and, as the theme of this month’s gathering suggested, create the space.

Let’s keep the conversation unfolding. God knows best and leads the Way.


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