I love you back

I sat quietly the other day before you. Just us two. We were having breakfast at the nearest McDonald’s. I know, not exactly the healthiest way to start the day, but that was how it was.

I didn’t know where I got that idea. Breakfast here with you. I have a million things to do, but somehow I decided to skip them all and asked you lightly whether you’d like to have breakfast. You immediately said yes. Hence there we were.

I looked at my watch. I was afraid that we had been here for too long for your liking. You might be tired. As I was about to ask whether you’d like to go, you looked at me and asked if you could get a cup of coffee.

You said you wanted to chill a bit more and sip a cup of Joe. Of course, I said. I got up and bought a cup of hot black coffee, with a bit of sugar on the side. Just the way I know you like it. Not in a plastic cup, but in a proper cup.

You sipped it slowly and quietly. Your eyes wondered around the room. That precious look of content. Oh I love.

It was odd to see you, to see us here at 8.30 in the morning on a weekday. Some young people have found their spots to sit with a glass of whatever and their laptops. You made some comments on this trend that is quite foreign to you. For you always love the comfort of your beautiful home.

I sat quietly before you. Just the two of us. You enjoying your hot cup of coffee. I had a gazilion things to do, yet I had decided to ditch them all to have breakfast here with you. To see you sitting there, sipping your coffee slowly. To see that precious look of content in your face. It was oh so worth it.

I sat quietly, witnessing this beautiful scenery before me. You. My heart smiled. I thought to myself with conviction, “There is no other place that I’d rather be.”

There is no other place that I’d rather be than here, with you. Mom.

God’s precious gift since the day I was born, or even before — His way of showing me that I have been, still am, and will always be loved unconditionally throughout my life. My personal reference on the meaning of compassion, kindness, and patience. A perfect model for humility and smile. I am the luckiest person alive, ever.

Happy Mother’s Day. I love you. And I thank you with my life.


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