Entangled by Ayam Tangkap

Funny how we learn about ourselves from the nitty-gritty of life. How we deal with those seemingly small stuffs really tells how we are.

ach-ayam-tangkap-cut-dek-300x270Whenever I go to Aceh, Indonesia, I bring home a special, traditional fried chicken called Ayam Tangkap (literally means Captured Chicken).

Yesterday was no exception. I bought five boxes to share with family and friends. I texted them about what was about to come. I checked the package in for the flight.

Late afternoon, as I arrived in Jakarta, I found out that the airline, Garuda Indonesia, had lost that particular package of mine. I suspect someone else have taken it because there were several similar package on the same flight.

I went to the lost baggage and filed a complaint. Some time during those time I was with the lost baggage officer, I realized how I had become quite upset. The guy was actually quite professional and helpful. They promised to buy me a new package if they could not find my package by last night.

Still. My tone got sharper. My comments too. I was stern. I could feel my body got tense. I spoke more than I needed to. I was making a big deal out of, what, a package of ayam tangkap?

I am thankful for that moment — that moment when I caught myself becoming upset. I stepped back emotionally. I realized how tired I was from the trip. I filled in the form, smiled, thanked the guy, and went away. I texted my friends that there would be delay and told them what was going on.

I feel grateful that it was just a package of ayam tangkap — nominally it was not that much, losing it did not have any consequence at all to me. I was okay. We’ll see how it would turned out. I did not follow it up. Let’s just wait and see.

ayam tangkapTonight I received a phone call. They have bought me a new package. Two three hours later the package got delivered.

The package got delivered — along with some valuable lessons and messages to me, about me. Thank you. And thank you for making it about ayam tangkap, not about anything else.

First photo was taken from here. The second one I took myself.

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