In the horizons

Tibet sky

I came across this verse in the Qur’an the other day. “We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth… [QS 41:53]”

It was not the first time I came across it. The common interpretation of the verse is that it is an invitation to see signs of God(‘s existence or messages) in the universe (nature, our surrounding) and within our body/mind/heart. Until we can truly know it (through taste).

But this time, it carries a slightly different meaning. The verse says “horizon” – the place where earth meets the sky, which suggest that place in the distance, that limitless place, that place which actually does not physically exist in this plane. It does not say the universe or our surrounding.

I am not suggesting that His Signs are way out there, not close or do not exist in this physical plane. God forbid. He is closer than our jugular vein. Much closer than we think. Much closer than I think. And He is not what or how I think He is.

The invitation from the verse, this time, feels like this to me. It guides and creates experience through my physical senses. It says look. So I use my eyes. It says in the horizon. So I fix my gaze upon the horizon.

When this happens, physically, my eyes’ focus shifts to infinity (if you are familiar with the terms used in SLR photography). It makes what is in the infinity looks sharp and—depending on the aperture—might everything else that is closer blur. Later, the aperture can be adjusted to make what is closer sharper, but still, the focus remains the infinity.

So the invitation is to fix my gaze on Him. On God. And not let what’s in the nitty-gritty of life distract you. When I am ready, the aperture will change. It would make everything in the everyday life sharper, but the focus remains Him. First thing first though, sit, relax, and fix my gaze on Him.

This is such a great help for what’s been happening lately to me. It really did help to (mentally) fix my sight on Him. I feel comforted, held, and reassured. I was reminded of my direction and how I am okay, always okay. Perhaps I was reminded of my true nature. I feel reconnected and talked with.

So yes, it’s an invitation to a way of being.

If you are not comfortable with the word ‘God’, there is another language. I have just heard it tonight from a live stream Rodolfo Young’s talk, themed What Does It Mean to Live and Breathe from the Heart. He said “Listen to wherever the heart wants to go. Take the risk. Don’t listen to the stories in your head.” Then everything will tell you its Real stories. And, God willing, we shall understand.

This is a very raw posting. I just write without trying to make it sound sensible or look pretty. I didn’t edit it at all. I just needed to express it. God knows best and He guides the Way.

ps: I have just noticed that the verse says “horizons” — plural. I wonder what it means.

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