Highlighted in yellow

I was going through the draft of my next blog post.
I have highlighted the words that matter in yellow.
Everything else is really added-on.

I love it when  you sit before me, and listen
I love it whenever you and I are engaged in a chat
Or a simple exchange of glances
Or working together on something
Or doing nothing

I love the way you tell jokes
They are so witty
Only some could understand

I love it when you just say what you really want to say
Without trying to justify it or to give a reason to me
Or without even a prelude
Despite the fact you love playing with words
Oh that reminds me, you are just brilliant with it!
And I can do the same.

I love the way we look–ever so playfully–at each other
from across the room
Each time a connection
Every time an understanding

I love reminiscing some of the challenging times with you
When I rambled about how annoying you are
And you, You just walked beside me,
loving the scenery before us
And gave me space

Or when you went quiet
Loving that solitary corner of yours
Causing some question marks among many
But not me
I just waited
I think of love
And gave you space

I love the way you care
I can see it, by the way you are
Though, we, you know,
Occasional verbal expressions are nice to hear too
And you are so good at it
To me, you’re one of the best!

I love receiving little gifts from you
The things you know that I love
Others might wonder why those gifts, but not me
You know, I know, that’s more than enough

I even love the times when we are apart
For I know
I know

I love it when I am with you
I love being with you
I love being me when I am with you

And, I know, you, me.

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