Funny thoughts that we wake up with sometimes. This time for me, it was: “I am not single.” – “I am not single.” Where on earth did it come from?

I can’t really explain the sentiment. It was more than just a thought. It was even more than a belief. It feels like, a knowing. It brought a smile to my face. It was like a friendly embrace: kind, clear and comforting.

I am single by common definition. But from that morning on, I know deep inside, I am not, really. Not in that usual sense of I am available for that next candidate of maybes. No trial-and-errors. No looking. No wondering. No even hoping. No hinting on a person thinking perhaps. None of those things.

I am but available for that one soul connection. One that is so palpable, so natural we would just slip into it, like a pair of warm, fluffy winter bunny slipper. A connection that cannot be missed because it is just meant to be. One that we do not need to seek. The kind that would simply manifest when the time comes. A cosmic harmony, with nature as our cupid.

A nurturing companionship. We move freely to realize our full potentials. We know it is not about completing each other as each of us  is whole on our own. Yet we remain by each other, finding our natural place in the world, gladly. Giggling our way through the ever-enriching life. Perfect as it is.

Nourishing as we give  each other generously without the need of sacrifice or compromise. Gentle as the Buddha allowing a butterfly to land on his open palm. Light as a little girl skipping joyfully on a bright summer day.

Freeing. Effortless. Blindingly obvious. Because that is just how it is. An unfolding of God’s beautiful plan.

The photo was taken from here.

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