Providing space

922182_521195137938851_518267115_o“Give space” – that was what popped up in my head when I was asked what one message that I want to convey. I know I have been given plenty and it is high time to share. But to share what? I am just a beginner. Am I eligible to share?

The second question I shall deal with in another post. But first, the first question. What am I sharing? What message do I really really want to share with the world? What am I about?

I have been drawn to meditation, religion, spirituality and wellness for the past years. I have been fortunate to be able to meet and learn from wonderful people and books. I have been showered with such precious gifts.

Now, how do I share this? I have been pondering about it for a while. I don’t have a recipe to share. Nor do I have steps or procedure that I can share with others. The path that I have walked felt so random, it did not feel like a path at all. I can’t even define what “this” really is. Much less, how.

I stumbled upon a talk by Krishnamurti the other day. The talk is titled “Truth is a pathless land”. It shone a light to what I might already have a sense of. This lineage of Truth (quoting from Adyashanti) which is pathless.

There is no procedure or steps to give out. The only procedure there is, if you insist, is to just be. The Javanese has long known this as “eling lan wospodo.”

Nobody can teach this to anyone. It needs to be experienced. We can know it intellectually. We can belief it. We can even have an inkling in our heart that it is true. But unless we experience it, unless we have a taste of it, it is not It yet.

One can, however, still speak about it. Perchance the others can share the taste through the conversation–if one’s speech is clean.

One can also provide space. If one turns on the air conditioner in a room, a person needs to only enter the room to feel the air conditioner. The body will cool down on its own. Nobody needs to tell anyone anything to cool it down.

You see, (I believe that) everyone has pure innate potentials. So much so that being who we are is actually enough. In fact, it is more than enough. It is Divine. Now, the potential that we are can flourish if we just let it. If we just allow things as they are. If we just give It space.

Perhaps Love works that way too. It naturally grows if given the space.

Space is what I intend to give. Myself—and however I am—is what I intend to give. It is the only thing I can give. Gladly.

How? God knows best and He guides the Way.

Photo taken from here.

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