What else can I do?


There are times when I find myself speechless. “How come you are so kind? So patient?” No idea. I know this much: It is not so much about kindness. Or patience. Or perhaps, it is about both, and more. Patience and kindness are mere side effects–one may even says natural consequences–of what actually Is.

I find myself choosing to remain quiet.

“Don’t you have something to say?” Maybe later. For now let me be drenched in this jubilant verbal and non-verbal expression pouring ever so abundantly from you. A feast from the Generous One. A delightful treat for the soul. I am humming quietly to this Symphony. I want more.

I find myself loss of words. “You’re very quiet.” Yes, words have failed me. I can find no words to reflect the Beauty that is before me. So I choose to sit here and wait for the right words to come. Words worthy of honestly articulating what you are (to me). How I am to you.

I find myself silent. For my silence is the only way I know to provide space, as lover dissolved in the beloved, for Love to shine through.

Yet, despite the lack of spoken utterance, I find myself being swayed willingly by the Rhythm that is you. What else can I do? How else can I be?

When you love (someone), you love (someone).

Picture taken from here.

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