Wherever I may be

I kept thinking how to say what I want to say beautifully
Carving thoughts into words
Hoping it would get my heart across

Occasionally, however, Truth seems to run out of patience
It takes over the limelight

It slaps me on the back of my head, and says loudly
Complicared words are what they are: complicated
Simplicity rules

So let me say this
I don’t understand life
I have stopped trying to understand it a while ago

I have instead chosen to live it
As honest as I can, despite persisting ego

What a wonderful thing, being alive
Speaking and living our Truth
With surprising consequences

And you
I don’t know why we have been through what we’ve been through

Gosh, I want to say a lot of things
But that would only clutter things up

For now, this is what needs to be said:

I might lay low for a while, staying below the radar
I may be going here and there
Doing this and that
Being, this and that
Accompanied by many, some, or none

But I want you to remember this:
Wherever I go
Whatever I go
Whoever I may be
Whomever I am with
However I am at any given time

Please know in your heart
To you, for you

I am always here

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