craniosacral_therapy2The word shun through my being during a conversation with a friend. We have never really sat down and chatted together before. At first, I didn’t know what encouraged me to contact her and offer to meet up. Especially in this internal state that I am in at the moment.

But there we were. We shared our experience and excitement on our spiritual journeys, our love for healing, in particular biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and the hoo-haa of everyday lives. We sat and chatted for more than three hours—even then, we ended it because both of us needed to go somewhere else.

I went home feeling energized and light. I remember now. I remember how I love being in this spiritual journey. I remember my love for natural healing such as the experiences I get through practicing craniosacral therapy. I remember my love for Love.

Now, I need to proclaim that. There is no need to be shy about it.

I am blessed with so many gifts – as we all are, in truth. (I am blessed to know that I am blessed). It is a sin not to express and share them. I may not know how to express them fully just yet, but I have this renewed determination that at least I would not prevent these expressions from unfolding. I get myself out of the way and let them be.

My life is not really about me any longer. It is a manifestation of the Beauty that I am, that We are, that (s)He is. It’s not my doing. It is already there even before I was born. Now it is unfolding. My very being is an expression of awe and gratitude of what is.

Or simply put: I happily do what I do as a way to thank God, for all the gifts that He is showering me with.

Tonight I read these words from an article: “As I listened entranced to those sonorous Sanskrit verses, I saw Gandhi turn inwards, completely absorbed in the Self within. He was not his brown body at all but an immense spiritual force. This is our real stature, he was telling us. This is what it means to be a human being.”

It portrayed my sentiment during the conversation. Yes, I did see my friend sitting before me, telling me her stories and responding to mine. At the same time, I saw what the writer saw in Gandhi. I saw her completely absorbed in the Self within. She was not her body at all but an immense spiritual force. And I remember, me.

This is what it means to be a human being. This is what it means to be alive. We live as we are. We be(come) what we are. We are excited about it. And we sure don’t apologize for it.

Non-apologetic be(com)ing. What a strong, beautiful presence. Full on. I love it!

Pictures taken from here and here.

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