Beshara Southeast Asia’s activities in 2014

Please find below information on a series of gatherings and courses with Beshara Southeast Asia in 2014, which might be of interest to you. All activities are held in the Greater area of Jakarta, Indonesia.

A gathering for all Beshara students as well as those who are drawn to explore a particular theme chosen from the perspective of the unit of being. It is set in a relaxed conversational environment while still maintaining the depth of and proper respect to the conversation that is being held.
(1) Sunday, Mar 16, 10am-1pm — God willing, another email will soon be circulated to invite all to attend the gathering.
(2) Sunday, Sep 21, 10am-1pm
(3) Sunday, Dec 14, 10am-1pm


These courses focus on in-depth exploration of a theme or a particular text from Ibn ‘Arabi’s Fusus al Hikam, or other text written from the perspective of the unity of being. The focus is on understanding the central themes of the text both in metaphysical terms and also, where possible, in relation to the participants’ own experiences. Details of the text to be studied will appear within the particular course information. The course is intended for students of Beshara who have taken part in previous Fusus studies.
(1) Mar 29-30, at Cinere (residential)
(2) Aug 23-24, at Cinere (residential)

is a seven week course, consisting of 2-hour meeting each week, with students having ongoing reading, practice and contemplation during the week.
The premise of the courses is the ultimate unity of all existence. The courses’ development reflects this unity as it reveals itself by degrees in our everyday experience, as light and love, knowledge and beauty. The courses are a journey of self-inquiry and discovery of the unified whole that is our human nature. It combines theory and practice, group investigation and private contemplation, to uncover some of the profound meanings entailed in being human.
Sundays, 9am-12noon from Apr 13 to May 25, at Pondok Indah

A first taste of the principles essential to a genuine search for self-knowledge undertaken in the light of the unity of being. The course will follow a program of study, work, meditation and conversation. Study materials vary but are likely to include poems and extracts of Rumi and Ibn’ Arabi, and papers written specially for the School.
Schedule: September (Dates and venue to be confirmed)

Ask questions about yourself, about life, love, the world – and explore the meaning of being human – from the perspective of oneness. In a week-long retreat immerse yourself in study, meditation, work, and learn about mindfulness and devotional practice, to establish a balanced and progressive path to self-discovery. A week will seem all too brief, but the measure of this course is in one’s own willingness to dig deep into the infinite well of being that is one’s self. If you come with an open heart and inquiring mind, there is no limit to what you might discover.
Schedule: October (Dates and venue to be confirmed, residential)

The activities are proposed with the intention to provide the proper space for the education of self-knowledge to take place within each of us, individually and collectively. May this intention be joined up with the core intention embodied in Beshara, that He loves to be known as the singular reality of all mankind, that we are from Him and we will return to Him, all together, consciously waking up to the reality of who it is really appearing today in the form of six billion human beings.

May He make it easy for us. Thank you.

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