Beshara SEA: Invitation to gathering, Sunday, Mar 16

Our task now is to share with others what we have received; and this task requires that our own education continues in constant progress. But it is time now to progress from simply receiving, to both giving and receiving. This is where the taste of oneness really begins to take hold, because who really is the giver and who really receives? He sent Himself with Himself, to Himself.

We need to move now in a movement of love. We need to share what we have been given with others who need to know. We need to make an effort as our expression of love,…. This is to ride the wave that is Beshara.
This is my intention and I hope it is your intention too!
– Hakim Young, Principal, Beshara School

Dear friends:

It’s been a while since we last gather.

We have only entered the third month of 2014. Yet, as I am sure you have felt it too, what a dynamic year it has been so far. The world seems to be moving faster at so many levels, be it personally, locally, nationally, or even vaster.

There is a global shift in consciousness for all humanity. At its seeds is our urgent desire to know, and to be: Where is our place in the midst of all these? What can we contribute? How can we be of service, to those around me, to humanity, and to nature? What do we need to set our intention on? What moves us? Can we set aside our self and express ourselves as nothing other than the One and Only Absolute Being?

Please join us in a conversation on this theme at the Beshara SEA gathering, which will be held as follows:
Date: Sunday, March 16th, 2014
Time: 10.00-13.00
Venue: Jakarta 12120

Gathering will start with meditation at 10.00 and finish at 13:00 with lunch (Donation of Rp50,000 will be much appreciated).

Would love to hear back from you so that we can arrange for logistics (snacks, food, etc).

Looking forward to see you here. Be well.


Beshara SEA

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