A place of repose – I am here

Poem from the chapter on
‘The Wisdom of Elevation and Prophecy in the Word of Jesus’
From Ibn ‘Arabi’s Fusus al-hikam

As for the spiritual bringing to life through knowledge, this is luminous, sublime, eternal, divine life about which God said, “Or whoever was dead and we brought him to life and we made for him a light with which he walks among the people”( Q. 6:122). Anyone who revives a dead soul through the life of knowledge, with regard to a particular question relating to the knowledge of God, has brought him to life by it, so it is for him a light with which he walks among the people, that is among those resembling him in form.
Were it not for Him and were it not for us
that which is would not have been.
We are truly servants
and God is our master;
And we are the same as Him. Know this
when you say ‘human being’
And do not be veiled by human being.
He has given you proof,
So be the Real ( haqq) and be creation (khalq)!
You will be, through God, All-compassionate.
Nourish His creation through Him,
You will be a “refreshing repose and reviving scent.” (Q.56:89)
We give Him that by which He appears in us,
and He gives to us.
The affair becomes shared
between Him and us.
He gives life to the one who knows my heart
when He gives us life.
In Him, we were beings
and potentialities and moments.
In us, it is not always so,
but only so at times.

Translated from the Arabic by Cecilia Twinch

I have been running around these past several days. I have been looking for some sort of point of reference, from which I can be. I read numerous write-ups, consulted many people.

Then I stumbled upon the above text from the Sheik Al Akbar-Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi. I was stopped right there and then. It touched me so deep. I was stopped and moved at the same time. How language can play us.

I realised that I have been everywhere, but here. There is this place within me, right at the centre of my being, which is a place of repose. The place from whence all expressions spring. A place of witness. A familiar place because I have been there before, and so have you. A place where only the Grear ones have managed and been kind enough to take me. The Greatest One too. Why seek from other sources? Why the doubt, uncertaity, and restlessness? Such is a journey of return.

I am struggling to express how I feel at the moment. Yet it is important to share this.

A sense of knowing that is not of me, nor it is mine.
Spacious and dense at the same time
Light, but it has weight
Its facing is to but One
Unmoved and so certain
Fot it knows it is home
It recognises Love, through taste

This feels enough.
I am fully loved.
I am well provided.
Happiness springs.
May it overflow to encompass the universes.

Thanks be to God. Shalawat to the Prophet SAW. Shalawat to the Shaykh Al Akbar. To all teachers, family, friends, and beings.

May all beings be happy.

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