Stop is a useful word
One that we need to pay attention to
Especially if it is we who say it
Be it loudly or under our breath

We use stop when it gets too much for us
We use stop when things get too uncomfortable to our liking
We use stop when we – or someone else – have gone too far
We use stop when unwanted individuals enter our personal space
When our privacy has been violated
When we are violated, in whichever sense of the word

Stop pops up as an invitation to pause
to break the ongoing unconscious patterns
that so often make up our very conduct

A kind reminder to look and listen to what is
To the cry of our children, reaching out for love
To the awkward silence between companions
To our tired bodies
To the stillness of the majestic nature
To the joy of birds singing, rain falling
To our beautiful, longing heart

Stop is a useful, potent word. So is Love. So is Love

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