Rediscovering the gems

It has been a journey to sieve what needs to be said today. Allow me to think out loud.

I know it is about the diary I was revisiting yesterdays. About the days I spent during the two six month courses and one preparation for retreat course  at The Beshara, UK. I know it is about rediscovering the gems I have been so generously given during those periods, which is but a glimpse of what has been pouring to me throughout my life.

But what is it about? What is it saying? What does it want to say again, now, through this note?

As I was flipping through my diary pages, I was transported back to that place. Not place in a physical sense – that small dot in the border of Scotland and England. But more in the sense of the way of being that was emphasised throughout the courses.

That way of being, is to know, or trust, with conviction of the heart, that there is only one Being. Exposition of which can get sophisticated. The law of the universe is of that brilliant stature—as explained by sages of various eras.

I love the intricacies of things, and at the same time, its simplicity and applicability. For the invitation remains simple: Just be. Or as the word Islam suggested, to surrender, and to allow ourselves to be moved.

During the courses, I was told that we would be given all the tools we need to face all the so-called challenges in life, to fulfil what we were born to do, whatever it may be. As I was revisiting the notes, I realise that indeed that was the case. My God, how blessed.

‘How’ is a favorite question of many. In a life full of mundane obstacles, daily challenges, and varieties of attitudes, how can one surrender? How can one be?

Adyashanti gave a good response to that question of ‘how’. He said, “Drop the how.” So how can one be? Just be. How can one surrender? Just surrender. I don’t mean to be clever about it, or to undermine the question at all. It is actually like that.

Being, in this case, means, well, being. To be with whatever is happening with us. To see, to hear, to feel, without adding anything to it. We stay in the centre of the heart. Whenever we notice we get sidetracked, we acknowledge it, thank it, and return, or ask to be returned, and to be stayed.

The prophet Muhammad has left us with the Holy Qur’an to read (Iqra’), so did the other prophets and saints of various eras. Ibn Arabi told us about the five things, and wrote many beautiful books such as Fusus Al Hikam. Lao Tsu gave the whole book of Tao Te Ching. Osman Fazli spoke about leaving all the space to God. The school’s consultant, Bulent Rauf, gave what he called the four pills. Life gives us every second of the day. Nature greets us tirelessly. The revelation of the Ghayb of the Ipseity dawns constantly from the Ghayb-i-Mutlaq [Ibn Arabi, Fusus Al-Hikam].

Alll in all, the retracing down the memory lane took me back to the place which I love, which I always long to be. To what really matters to me, to what I truly love. I realise how cumbersome my words, how unfocused my gaze, and how winding my steps have been. And that is okay. It is part of the journey of being human. Now come the invitation for me, personally, to return. An invitation that is extended during this holy month of Ramadhan and an interesting point of life.

I feel like a I can spend a lifetime expounding those gems granted as gifts during those periods, which is but a reflection of the gems given to all of us every second of our life.

Perhaps that is my life purpose: To share and expound the gems that I have been so graciously showered with by my Lord – a god who does beautiful things. Not just through writing, but in every aspect of my life.

May He make it easy for me, for you, for us. God bless us all. Peace.

post script:
A friend asked a while ago, “Do you think it is a good course?”
“How do you mean ‘a good course’?”
“I mean, would you recommend this course to your friends?”
“It is not something that one can recommend. One needs to have the inclination on one’s own to participate in the course.”

I then added,”But I can say this. This is my personal path. My life is my personal path. The Beshara School is a significant part of my life, but it does not mean that everyone should be a student to its six month courses. I believe that we all have our own path of return. God is too vast to be limited to only one or even several ways.”

God knows best and He guides the Way.

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