“Comms specialist” no more

A couple of months ago, I was asked to write an article for magdalene.co. I did. The editor asked if I could provide a short bio to go with the article. It took me a while to write it.

That was when I realised, I could not write me as “a communications specialist” anymore.

Communications specialist, or more specifically public relations consultant, has been a significant part of my identity for the past sixteen years. The last nine years being a freelancer in the field.

For those past nine years, I have also been drawn to spirituality, with implications on increasing interest in natural healing. By spirituality, I mean a way of being that is closer to our true nature and is more honest to our heart.

About two-three years ago, I began to feel a shift within me. It was time to be more focused on this new pull in my life. This implies, to me, a move away from communications work.

It was not easy to let go of an identity that has largely defined me in the society for the most part of my adult life; one that I was proud of; one that I think I was so damn good at. Not to mention letting go of the financial security and social status that go with it.

I kept taking on projects, some with the excuse of ‘helping friends.’ Close friends were raising their eyebrows to my actions, but they let me do what I did. They knew it was a process I had to go through. My angels.

I continued doing so until I bumped into this last project. The project was well within my territory: drafting communications plan. Should be nothing to it. After all, it was dead on my core competence.

Yet I spent days on end coming up with the plan. I did not know what to write and how to write it. I reached out to a friend and asked if she could help me with it. We met to discuss about the plan. I had an idea on where it needed to go. Thank you!

Then I got stuck the second time. I could not put what we had discussed on paper for weeks. I had all the intention to remain professional and keep my promise to my client. But words did not come to me so easily.

Finally I said to God, “Fine, I’ve got the message. This would be my last communications project. But You have got me into this, You see me through. Let me write this plan.”

I guess He’d heard me. I spent the day writing the plan. I sent the draft to a couple of friends/partners for review. They provided their feedback. I did some final touch and sent it to the client. All within 48 hours.

He saw me through. But not before I made that statement to Him: to stay true to my path. When it is time to move on, I allow myself to be moved. To where, I am not sure yet. I will know when I know. He knows best. I trust.

Here’s what I wrote for my article in magdalene.co:

About Eva Muchtar
Eva works as an independent writer cum editor and a craniosacral therapist. She loves anything that is simple, honest and somewhat random. She believes that we are at our best–and most useful–when we are being ourselves. Hence, self knowledge and self expression are her major interests.

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