About today

Earlier this month (of Ramadhan), I was inspired to write a blog post a day. I didn’t ask why. I just did it. So far I have been doing okay, skipping only one day, which I intend to make up the month after.

I have been using my blog writing as a practice of honest expression. Gandhi once said “My life is my message.” I have nothing to share but what was or is going on in me.

Some things, however, belong not on social media or the Internet. Like today. Today I resorted to a private conversation with a dear friend as a mode of honest expression. Nothing beats being truly listened to and received.

I believe we human beings all need this in whatever way it is given. To be listened to and received.

Yoga teacher Seane Corn once quoted—and I am paraphrasing here since I could not find that quote anywhere on the internet again: “Pay attention to what brought you to the mat. Because what brought you to the mat might indicate your calling. What brought you to the mat is what you need to share with the world.”

Hence, that is what I want to share with the world: the joyful experience of being listened to and received. May He make it easy for me.

There is one piece of the conversation that I would like to share. When my friend asked, after an hour or so of conversation, “Is there healing taking place right now in you? Is it healed?” The response that came was, “It is not so much of being healed. I was never hurt in the first place.”

That was such a huge realisation for my heart: Who we are is never hurt. What we are can never be hurt. What we are is pure Light.

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