Glimpses of blessing

Sometimes I have glimpses of how blessed I am.

The words above provides such instance for me. I read it and thought, “Hey, I am like that.” I live in a big packed city, work to make ends meet, and face various incidents in life, but I am like what the post says.

I know (when I am in a sane enough state) that feeling rushed, stuck in complexities, or coerced to do something are but thoughts in my head.

If I am really honest with myself, I know that I do what I do because I choose to do it. Because I want to. Because that feels best. Because I trust that it is what is needed by the moment. I serve that moment with all my heart.

Emotions, thoughts, relationships, and physical conditions are just that — conditions; those too need to be acknowledged and be given their place. Still, that is not who I am. I am not that. I am not of that.

We are invited to be as fully as we can be–body, mind, soul, and spirit. I have every intention to say yes to the invitation. Whatever it takes.

This is what the words above are all about. It is not about our current condition or place or work or anything else–which I am sure we tend to see them as less than ideal. It is about being as fully as we can be, here and now, by choice.

Freedom at its truest form. Boundless and limitless. I am blessed. Thank God.

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