I love it when …

True companionship, apparently is not too good to be true. We are the proof. Two people can be together without being needy. I do not need you, and you do not need me, to be happy.

Yet, we love being with each other, as we do with nobody else. We choose to be with each other because we want to. Because it cannot be any other way.

Love can be freeing and hence expansive. We feel what we feel and express them, without the fear of being rejected or ridiculed. I am not saying it is always easy, yet there is always ease.

It is amazing how accepting you are with me, and I am with you. The so-called sacrifice does not feel like it at all. It is just what we do for each other, happily. Or perhaps, the word has returned to its original sentiment: to make things sacred.

For we understand well that this is but our spiritual journey – and we are here to witness every single moment of it. We accept, appreciate and even celebrate them.

I must admit, I adore you and I love being loved by you.

We do lots of things together because we share lots of common interest, or simply we just love doing them together. We laugh. We cry. We joke. We chat. We spend moments in silence.

We hold hands. We swim. We travel. We stay in. We read books. We tell each other stories. We talk about the universe, rocket science and what’s for lunch, We lay on the grass. We sing. We dance. We watch each other with a smile on our face. And whatever else lovers do.

We marvel at life and its little knick-knacks, at the stars, moon, sun, and clouds, at the night sky and sunsets, at mountains and oceans, at cities, villages and their dwellers, at these new gadgets we have just bought, at poems and proses, at paintings and photos, at cats, dogs, sheep and the beautiful hummingbirds. We marvel at ourselves and at each other.

When we are apart, we still send little messages to each other whenever we can. Just because we want to. We take pictures of views that capture our attention and share them. We buy little things that only we know the other would like.

Most importantly, we share the fundamental belief we hold so dear in our heart, that each of us is a unique, beautiful expression of the One and the Unique. Our facing is to Him and only to Him.

Yes. True companionship does exist. It is happening now between us– as we lay our very being in the compassionate hands of the Universe, trusting It with all of our heart and soul. Joy!

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