I love you, and that’s that

X-ray image of lily flowerYou’ve always been an inspiration
Even without speech, your presence inspires

Yesterday was no exception
We’ve gone through a lifetime of adventures together
Perhaps even earlier
A mysterious bond that is too painful to admit
For It reveals our innermost vulnerabilities
The story behind all stories

Recently I thought we were over, for the n-th time I have lost count
And for the n-th time, too, life has proven me wrong

Because, yesterday, there you were
Approaching your closest and dearest ones
And at that moment, I was left dumbfounded
Everyone else looked at you and marvelled
I took one glance at you and the vision shot right back at me
A vision so vivid that I could not shy away no more

I love you
I still do
Perhaps I will aways do – I don’t know

We love what and who we love, and that is that
There is no beating around the bush – There is no point in doing so
I am not denying it any longer, I can’t possibly

We may love others, and we do, we’re destined to do so
Yet our Love remains, and it is unique – Rahiim
So unique that it feels foreign to me
And so foreign that I seem to not know its proper place

For its place is deeper and vaster than any places I have ever known
A Love that is universal, caressing, freeing, encompassing, deep, and, yes, total
A Love that is, ah, too overwhelming to explain, too elevated for even the most beautiful words

You can feel it too, I know you can
You are just as unsure and uncomfortable about it as I am, I can feel it

One day, maybe, we will be brave enough to say it to each other as It is
Then we shall be transformed
One day – Maybe

For now, let’s just acknowledge it, however secretly in our heart
And trust Life to make all the shifts for us

Long after our encounter yesterday, I sat in silence
Overwhelmed by a myriad of emotions, sensations and thoughts
Stunt by this realisation

I rested my heart in Him

I was taken to this space
Deep in the core of my being
A space of clarity, quietude, that is gentle and firm; empty and full; light and dark
A place – the only place – proper for being and becoming
Where there is no longer I, where there is only I, where there is no other than I
A sense of peace and trust washed over my being
A transformation occurred

And I solemnly acknowledged, with all my heart and soul:
I love you, and that is that

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