Nature speaks

IMG_0706 (1)“It’s been too long,” said the ocean with its usual majestic voice, as I dipped myself by its shore. Its waves warmly enveloped my feet, up to the knees. Washing over my entire being with gladness and relief. Reminding me of what I have been missing. And what has been missing me.

“I apologise. I offer no excuses, for there is none. But I am here now. That’s what matters. So, let’s converse. Let’s pick up where we have left off,” I responded, startled by the immediate engagement to converse. 

You felt warmer now, and closer too. “Stay, and listen to what I have to say, to what needs to be heard. You can hear me if you lend yourself to hearing. We’ve been here before, though each time is different. Do you remember?”

I didn’t say a thing. Not through my lips. Nor even through the whisper of my heart. Yet my whole being nodded to the remembrance, to the invitation. Of course, I do.

You are so Vast, and so is your embrace, generosity and patience. With you, through you, I can feel Oneness with Nature. An eternal bond that cannot be broken.

I stayed for a moment longer, disregarding Time. Just staring at the the horizon, where the sun was shily peeking from behind the silver linings, setting itself for the day. I allowed my feet to do what they desired. Sometimes walking, often times standing, and occasionally toying about with the shoring waves. People — young and old, male and female — and pets — mostly dogs — were cheerfully playing around me. We were all childlike yet again. How wonderful. How joyful.

It was perfection. Beauty at its most apparent form. With Love as Its movement.

I remember now. I remember our connection. I remember specific moments too.

The times I dipped my feet, or my whole body, in the ocean. The mornings I spent conversing quietly with the solid mountain despite of the a bustling town at its feet; The midnights I sat on that bench on top of the hill, listening to the silence of the wind brushing against the pores of my skin; The hours I walked in the woods, alone or with beautiful companies. The days I spent tending to beautiful gardens; The early days when Dad took me around his beloved land.

I remember the river – how it graciously spoke to me like Nature had never done before. How I was astounded to learn that I understood what it was conveying, sharing tales of ancient days. How it provided hints on what is to come, what is meant to be, and what has always been.

I remember my roots, from whence I came, and what is still with me, patiently waiting for me to return and realise. I remember the bond that will forever be. I remember Oneness and what I am in It. I remember Abundance and blinding Emptiness. I remember being carefree, light and playful. I remember Love, Joy and Smile.

“You see?” You smiled knowingly. “It is time. Now be. We’ve got your back.”


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