On becoming (spiritual)

IMG_1632Spirituality. We can make it as complicated as we can possibly imagine – for it has its intricacies – or we can stay as simple as we wish to be. Even light and playful.

It is about living from the core. It is about being honest in expressing ourselves. It is about becoming who we are in our original potential. It is about being moved by something Greater – I call It God, Allah. You may call It by any other names you wish, or not, or even not at all.

So it is not some lofty ideas outside of life. We can try to separate it – perhaps many people do, but what’s the point in that? In fact, it is exactly about life and living. And by that, I mean, everyday living – our family life, our work life, our social life, and our connection to Nature.

It starts with being true to ourselves; to have an honest appraisal about our conditions – what we believe in, how we feel, how we think, how we act, how we are with other people or other creatures. Let me add, being true while at the same time being kind to ourselves. The taste of kindness needs to be there, otherwise it may lead us to a less direct route.

It starts with silence, as we need silence to listen well. What or how are we beyond all these thoughts, emotions, and justifications? What happens if we just listen without commentaries? Which is real and which is covered up? Aren’t you curious?

It starts with slowing down, or even, at times, stopping. Spending several minutes of our days; or for some, several days of our months; to slow down from the busy-ness of everyday life to look and listen within; to have real conversations with those who share that same longing for ‘something else’ – a sense of ‘there’s got to be more to life than this. I want to know’.

It starts there and sprawls to every single aspect of life. Maybe then we can realise that there are intricate connections in life which we did not notice before: Why we are how we are, and what we need to do. Or perhaps we start to notice what we can contribute to Life to make it worth living, while having one heck of a great time being it.

It starts – persists, and ends – with Compassion. This, to me, has another name: Truth, Love, Joy, Light(ness), Simplicity and Ease. This is a huge clue. Does it ring true? Does it feel compassionate? Does it express Love (underneath its occasional tough appearance) ? Does it feel simple and light? Do you feel the ease (despite the hardwork)? If not, that is probably not it. Dig on, or divert.

And from there, well, we’ll talk later. I am always curious.

God knows best and He guides the Way.

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