Conversing the tree

P1030345I looked towards your direction, partly out of instinct, partly – truth be told – out of boredom. I had nothing else to do; and was a bit tired of conversing with myself.

So there you were. This tall, handsome tree tens of meters before me. My eyes would not move. It was as if you were looking back at me. Our gaze met. The connection was established.

“Yes?” I said, puzzled. “Yes?” you responded, with warmth in your tone.

Unsure of what needed to happen, I asked, “Well, tell me what I need to know. Tell me about you.” You smiled. You kept looking at me quietly.

I did not know what it was, but I felt I needed to say ‘yes.’ So yes, I concured. Our senses merged. I started to sense how you were. I could feel how it was to be you.

The strong intricate roots you had below the surface, spreading further than one could imagine in all directions, interwoven with other plants and animals, becoming one with Earth. Your trunk standing tall and strong, aiming towards the sky. Your branches seemingly in chaos, making patterns only you recognise, volunteering to be the place where green leaves may grow.

A body strongly rooted on Earth, yet towering high in the sky. Romancing the fresh air, saying hellos to the chirping birds that flew by. Quietly watching the surrounding, noticing everything, yet perfectly happy being at your place. Fully leaning to Time. Trusting that the Universe is perfect as It is. I could feel your profoundly deep breathing. Absorbing all in. Moving with the wind and being happily drenched by the rain.

Wise beyond your years – for you take the wisdom not from your teenage self, but from the Mother Herself.

You blinked. I was transported back to my self, though still connected to yours. I could sense my state. My roots were not firm enough. My body had not taken up that dignified posture. My reach was not that vast and generous. My movement, rather awkward and stiff.

I also noticed the potentials. The potential to be as you were. The firm roots. The dignified posture. The generous reach. The playfully elegant dance with Nature.

Just by being with you at that moment, I could feel myself growing. Or rather, settling better into what I am in potential. I sensed connectedness, conviction, dignity, humility, contentment, vastness, spaciousness, generosity, and praise. I tasted a glimpse of unity.

You smiled without taking your eyes off me. “You see?”

“I do,” I responded, still mesmerised by the experience. “Can I stay a bit longer?”

“Of course. You can stay forever.” Oh you’re so generous.

You continued: There lies the possibility of being truly alive. To be firmly rooted on our Source of nourishment. To stand dignified as we are. To move with the Wind of Life. To greet nature and every living being with such kindness and generosity. To flaunt the Beauty that we are. To breathe in the Perfection of the Universe. To be the Song of praise for the Creator.

Just like you. Handsome you. Beautiful you. So I said once again, “Yes”. And I would say it again and again. Yes.


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