Corporates often have their values defined. A couple of weeks ago, I pondered about mine. I posed the question of values and waited for words to jump up for me.

The word was: Clean.

I first heard the term from a paper by Bulent Rauf titled the four pills. “Keep everything clean” was the fourth pill to take for people on the Way. It has stuck with me. I love it.

We keep everything – our body, surroundings, thoughts, words, actions, responses, wealth – clean. Essentially, this means giving ways to what really wants to come up, i.e. we do not litter it with our subjective, limited judgements. It suggests being in a position of service to what is trying to happen. With as little personal intervention as possible.

Keeping it clean has three value implications:

  • Simple – Any response that is clean is always simple. It can be intricate, but never complicated. It is clear as a broad daylight, and never hazy. It cuts through without dilly dally. It is also light. Featherly light.
  • Honest – We can always hear a clean response. It feels honest. One with no particular thoroughly constructed agenda in mind. Nor any intention to harm. It is a response that comes from deep within our souls. Unadorned.
  • Kind – How can it not? For it comes from our true nature. It is Compassion speaking.

It has one root: Truth. It feels important for this era – for Truth to express itself blatantly, without much attributes obstructing its way. Like the sun shining on one clear summer day.  Hence, we need to go deep within until we reach the core of our being and move from there. Let me rephrase. We need to allow ourselves to be taken deep within until we reach the core of our being and be moved from there.

And for this, we would need five things: veracity, trust, patience, resolution and certainty.

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