Those precious

Too many times in life you hear and adhere to people (or yourself) telling you to be something you are not. To be more this and less that. To lighten up.

However well their intention might be, it gives the (false yet strong) impression that you are not (good) enough.

Then along come moments, places, people, pets etc who say otherwise. They accept you as you are and even celebrate you – vice versa.

They share your joy, sadness, deepest feelings, and all your quirkiness. They keep you close and, at the same time, give you ample space. They make you laugh for no reasons at all.

You melt just by being in their presence. You realise that it is all already here. That you are more than enough. That you love and are loved just as you are. You feel light.

Then suddenly, without much effort at all – You. Simply. Feel. Happy.

To those precious moments, places, people, pets, whispers of the heart — to you, and for you, I am forever grateful.

Written months ago by the Blue Stone Beach, Ende, Flores. Posted here as a reminder.

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