Being loved is effortless

What can I say about this sassy lass? Awesome at what she does. Even more so as a person that she is. She sees right through you and still celebrates you as you are. She tells it like it is without being judgemental. Her words show that she understands. Her glance is enough to make you confess. She struts through life as if it is a giant catwalk. She listens to your stories, tells you hers, laughs and cries with you, and respects the sanctity of such space. She is oh so comfortable in her own skin and makes you comfortable in yours. She makes life not only more bearable but also wondrous (and hilarious) to be in. She is out there in the world yet keep her inner circle close to her private, spacious heart. She gives you space and is always reachable. She makes you feel like you are never alone and get what companionship is about. Her smile and presence makes you feel things are okay. She helps you realise that relaxation happens when you feel accepted and safe. That being loved is effortless.

She is the pictorial dictionary definition of a best friend and a truly decent human being.

Happy belated birthday to the person I so dearly call friend.

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