Places that are you

I love visiting places that are born out of their owners’ dreams and passions.

As you arrive there, you get that strong feeling that they are but natural extension of the owners. You can see them in these places. They are so them.

The places make sense to you. They are alive, as they are imbued with the owners’ soul. They feel like home, simply because they are indeed home to the owners and those who share the sentiment.

Somehow they help me recognise myself. As they become mirrors to their owners, I am invited to look into my own mirror. I like that feeling of noticing or at least desiring that I am a reflection of what I love, what I am.

Bean There–a small coffee joint I visited this afternoon–is just that. It is tucked on the mezzanine level in between two busy office buildings, The Energy Building and Graha Niaga, in the Sudirman Central Business District, Jakarta.

The place was born out of love for coffee and offers only that: a cuppa or two, no cakes no nothing. Just coffee, and perhaps choco for the non-coffee drinkers. It aspires to be a simple, affordable, quality coffee stop for the likes of you and I to drop by, to pause from a fast-paced work-day, and to meet among friends.

Perhaps spiced with a short (or long if you like), warm chat with the barista or even the owner, who loves to hang out there just because.

Happy birthday, Ola Santo. Raising a cup (of coffee), a toast to celebrate life.

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