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My miracle is.

I shared this story during my recent meditation retreat with Bali Usada.

I am not the best meditator I know (whatever “best” in this sense might mean). I am not the most diligent, nor am I the most focused. I don’t really have any so-called miraculous spiritual experiences during meditation that I can share with you. I don’t have any miracle stories to tell about my meditation.

My miracle, is my life. Or rather, my life itself is a miracle to me.

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A moment of pure gratitude

I have just been in a week long silent meditation retreat with Bali Usada health meditation. It was remarkable. I shall write about this later. But I want to say this.

During the last moments of the retreat, the last minutes before we left the house, I went up to the meditation room again. No one asked me to do so. No one was even there. I went up. I sat at what used to be my spot. I closed my eyes and went into silence. I said praise.

I went there and sat to offer gratitude. I went there and sat out of gratitude. There was no other intention, nor there was any other cause. I just wanted to say thanks. It was truly, a moment of pure gratitude. It was a beautiful feeling. Nothing but gratitude.

I saw a child walking to school…

[Bahasa Indonesia]

One misty morning in Baturiti, Bali, as the sun shyly making her first appearance of the day, there was a child walking by himself to school.

My gaze followed his every step. I wonder what was so attractive to me about this child in school uniform walking to school.
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